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How Can I Track My Son's iPhone without Him Knowing

Keeping track of what the kids are doing online might be challenging as they tend to stick to their phones every possible time. But, for parents who are dying to know about "how to track my child's iPhone without them knowing", there are some possible methods they can do, which we will explain below.

Performing Seamless Root Cause Analysis With Squadcast

Critical incidents can pose significant challenges in organizational operations that demand prompt and effective resolution. A vital aspect of this resolution process involves Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reports, which dissect incidents to uncover their underlying causes and pave the way for preventive measures.

Considering SAP RISE? Consider this!

RISE is one of the hottest topics around SAP. It’s almost difficult to read or discuss SAP without the topic present. But with any topic as complex as SAP, the question of where to run SAP and ultimately RISE as an option isn’t without opportunity for questions. This blog tries to clear up some of the most common questions, especially for companies considering RISE coming from an existing expertise of either operating SAP themselves or having experience with SaaS solutions and cloud services.

Custom integration support in OpManager is set to revolutionize your IT workflows

IT operations are the most efficient when their respective IT teams are less stressed. However, that’s a tough ask considering the amount of work needed to collaborate across multiple tools, correlate events, and update IT infrastructures.

Keep Repos Organized Within the Terminal: GitKraken CLI Tutorial & Use Case

Ever felt like you’re juggling too many Git repositories, trying to keep up with pull requests and issues, all while wishing there was a more streamlined way to handle it all from the comfort of your terminal? If that hits close to home, then you’re in for a treat with GitKraken Ambassador Kevin Bost’s deep-dive dive into the GitKraken CLI.

Breaking Down the 2024 VOID Report: "Exploring the Unintended Consequences of Automation in Software"

In an era where automation and artificial intelligence are increasingly integral to software development and operations, the 2024 VOID Report sheds critical light on the nuanced impacts of these technologies. Here, we delve deeper into the report's key findings and explore predictions for the near future, weaving a comprehensive narrative highlighting challenges and opportunities.

Microservices Modernization Missteps: Four Anti-Patterns of Rebuilding Apps

There are many missteps in the app modernization journey. For more than ten years, we’ve worked with clients on hundreds of modernization projects, from single apps to portfolios of apps in large enterprises and our experience has led us to identify four of the most common anti-patterns impacting organizations.

Unlocking the mysteries of cronjobs: A beginner's guide to scheduling magic

Imagine, if you will, a quaint, bustling town square from days gone by. At its heart stands an ancient, yet unfailingly punctual clock. This clock doesn’t just tell the time; it orchestrates the daily dance of life in the square. When it chimes, shopkeepers open their shutters, bakers pull freshly baked loaves from their ovens, and the townsfolk know their day has officially begun. This clock is the unsung hero of the square, keeping everything and everyone in perfect harmony without a word.

Visibility is Critical to the Microsoft Teams User Experience

In today’s digital work environment, the necessity for seamless connectivity cannot be overstated, with any disruption significantly impacting productivity. Microsoft Teams has emerged as the most impactful application on a user’s day-to-day work life. According to Okta, the authentication vendor, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams is the #1 application across enterprises.

How a Major Telco Created Their Internal Developer Portal with Codefresh and Port

The customer in question is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and telecommunication services. In this guide, we will share how one of their teams migrated from a traditional CI solution to a powerful Internal Developer Portal using Codefresh and Port.