Maintain monitoring, backups and updates: basics of information security

There are three basic types of activity in information security – those that should be performed periodically to reduce possible risks to minimum. Periodic updates is one of them: as software pieces are being developed and enhanced, it is required to update them for many reasons, one of them being possible vulnerabilities.

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Safety first: the best backup applications

Surely you know what a backup is, right? It is what we could also call a “safety copy“. Free backups are precisely that, softwares through which you can create backup copies of your data, to save them on drives such as external hard drives, flash drives, network devices and others. What are they for? Simply put, to restore the original information that you had, of course, after having lost it by accident in some misfortune or careless incident.


Avoid Prolonged Downtime With a Website Backup and Recovery Plan

Website downtime is inevitable. Extreme weather, equipment upgrades, or major site updates are all ripe conditions for downtime. However, there’s always a problem we don’t see coming. A website backup and recovery plan is essential to keep unplanned downtime from severely impacting your business. If you already have a plan, use this guide to revise or make changes to your existing one.


Six reasons why data backups are crucial for your business

The increase in ransomware attacks and high-profile data breaches over the last few years has reinforced the importance of data security. It should be noted that WannaCry infected more than 300,000 computers worldwide, encrypting sensitive business data and disrupting productivity for an entire week.


Restore an Azure VM with In-Place restore

Azure Backup now allows In-Place restore of disks in IaaS VMs. With the help of this feature, it is possible to roll back or fix corrupted virtual machines through in-place restore without the needs of spinning up a new VM. Azure customers now have multiple choices to restore their IaaS VMs: create new VM, Restore Disks and Replace disks.


Protection Of Machines With Managed Disks Using Azure Site Recovery

Microsoft has recently announced the ability of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to set up Disaster Recovery (DR) for IaaS VMs using managed disks. This feature allows ASR to become an all-encompassing disaster recovery solution for applications hosted on IaaS VMs, including those hosted on VMs with managed disks.