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How to Visualize Data that Really Matters to Business with Grafana and MySQL

So you have a Grafana dashboard that shows failures at 0.01% and that latency is down throughout the company. But rather than get a pat on the back, “your boss’s boss is saying cut the crap or stop the mumbo jumbo. What does it really mean for our business?” said Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona, which offers solutions such as support, management services, consultant training, and custom engineering for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Postgres and other open source databases.


Just shipped: User Change History

When we launched Change History for tasks a few months ago, we promised that we would be rolling this out to other areas of the product too. So we’re delighted to introduce: Change History for users. A big part of any project is managing your stakeholders and all of the people who are responsible for delivering various aspects of the work. As a manager, the more visibility you have, the easier it is for you to manage accountability and control access to sensitive information.


Key Insights From Forrester Research on Containers and Microservices

In our previous post about containers and microservices, we covered the challenges of monitoring these new technologies as well as how you can use software-defined IT operations tools to overcome them. The recently released Forrester Research report, Monitoring Containerized Microservices?


Monitoring TLS Certificates with Telegraf

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting eating your lunch in the office canteen and you notice a flurry of people walking briskly and asking each other to check the website on their phone. Is it just one phone? Oh, it’s your phone too. Maybe it’s the WiFi … they check on 4G … The faces slowly turn in your direction, eyes catching awkwardly. You feel your phone vibrate in your pocket … not just once. Production can’t be down, you think.


Configure Jupyter Notebook to Interact with Splunk Enterprise & the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit

Ever wanted to manage and integrate your Splunk Enterprise deployment using your favorite data science tool? Then this blog's for you. But there are a couple things to keep in mind—this is for development and single instance deployments only, and it also requires sudo/root access to the server in order to properly map user PIDs and ownership of directories inside the Docker container to the host operating system.


Symfony Performance Improvements: Tips and Techniques

Perhaps you came upon this post while looking at ways to improve Symfony performance. Or maybe you read our comparison of Laravel and Symfony and want to know more. You could have gotten here because you want to write a performant app from the start. Then again, you could just love reading all of Stackify’s blog posts. And who could blame you? However you got to this post, or whatever goals you may have, I’m here to talk to you about Symfony performance tuning.