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Understanding DDoS Attacks: Motivation and Impact

DDoS attacks disrupt services and damage reputations, with motivations ranging from political to personal. These attacks can also mask more severe security breaches, so early detection and mitigation are crucial. Learn how Kentik provides a solution by analyzing enriched NetFlow data to identify and mitigate DDoS threats.

The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape in 2024

Over the last few years, the number and severity of cyberattacks against organizations have significantly increased. These attacks come in various forms, including ransomware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), data breaches, insider threats and many more. Despite the best efforts of many cybersecurity professionals to minimize these threats, it appears there will be no decrease in the threat level in 2024.

4 Tips for Building Resilience Against Cyber Attacks

As the world becomes more digitized, people, companies, and institutions globally face a considerable threat in the form of cyber attacks. Decisive actions that can withstand cyber attacks must be undertaken to guard confidential information, systems, and networks. The following are crucial skills and operations to improve resilience on cybersecurity issues in ensuring the success of a company's strategy for risk management against cyber threats.

Warning Signs of Weak Cyber Security

We live in a world where cyber security is more important than ever. With data breaches becoming all too common, it's critical to understand the warning signs of weak cyber security so we can stay protected from potential hackers and their malicious activities. In this blog post, we will explore the top warning signs of a potentially vulnerable system that could be targeted by attackers and provide some tips on how to fortify your online defenses.

Okta evolving situation: Am I impacted?

Cybersecurity is never boring. In recent months, we’ve seen major cyberattacks on Las Vegas casinos and expanded SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules are top of mind. Is it any wonder we consistently recommend taking a proactive approach to secure your environment with a defense-in-depth strategy and appropriate monitoring? News outlets reported the recent compromise at the Identity and Authentication (IAM) firm, Okta.

Fighting DDoS at the Source

For decades, the scourge of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks has plagued the internet. Join Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at Kentik, and Aaron Weintraub, Principal Engineer at Cogent Communications, as they explain how organizations can identify customer networks sending the spoofed traffic that leads to DDoS attacks.

Configure a policy to detect and block attacks and exploits

With Cisco Secure Application, you can configure run-time policies to continuously monitor vulnerabilities and automatically find and block attacks. Your speed and uptime are maximized while the risk to your business is minimized. And your teams gain time to plan and remediate your environment.

Detecting and Preventing Brute Force Attacks with PowerShell

While cyber threats are certainly continuously evolving, the fact is most intrusions still rely on basic, tried-and-true techniques. Who needs to burn a zero-day if guessing commonly used passwords or exploiting passwords used across multiple accounts can give you easy access? Brute force attacks continue to be an incredibly common threat that organizations face.

The Impact of Cyber Security on Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning

Cyber security is no longer an optional, isolated function in the world of business. It's now a necessity particularly when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Digital transformation and immediate 'work from home' measures brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have only sped up the ferocity and frequency of cyber attacks. Recent high-profile attacks, which have plagued the likes of T-Mobile and Activision, demonstrate that if cyber vulnerabilities are exploited, they can disrupt operations and cause irreparable financial or reputational damage.