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New integration with Uber for Business gets employees safely moving again

I miss being in a car. I really miss having someplace to go! But I’m also glad that when it’s safe to go back to our offices, I’ll have the option of commuting with Uber for Business, right from my ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite. We launched the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite two months ago. It includes apps that help companies prepare for and facilitate a safe and effective return to their respective workplaces.

OpsRamp: Addressing the Gap Between Development and Operations

On the August 19th RampChat OpsRamp and Beyond20 are coming together to address the negative impact that your business and innovation potential is suffering while you continue to allow your Development and Operations teams to operate in silos. There's no reason to continue pretending the inefficiencies and lack of understanding between the two doesn't exist. We'll also address some practices, tips and tools you'll want to consider to bring these critical roles closer to complement and support one another, and why now is the critical time for this change.

OpsRamp: IT Leadership in 2020

There's never been a better time for sharp and compassionate leadership than the year 2020. IT leaders everywhere are rethinking plans and investments on the fly. Digital initiatives are continuing, although through a more targeted, tactical lens. Meanwhile, infrastructure resiliency and workforce productivity are key enablers to thrive and survive. Join us for a conversation with OpsRamp CEO Varma Kunaparaju to discuss these integral IT leadership topics along with a look at key IT operations management trends.

Avoiding Data Deluge and Alarm Fatigue | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

Too many alarms is just as bad as not enough. Getting drowned in data instead of actionable information leads to many missed issues and delayed response times. Not only is the task of triaging redundant and low priority alerts overwhelming, it also has sinister side effects on a Network/System Admin’s work.

Leading a startup during a pandemic: 5 lessons from 5 founders

You might say this is one of the worst possible times to be growing a business, but that’s not necessarily the case. On our new Sit Down Startup podcast, we talked to founders about how a customer-focused approach can help you thrive even as the world transforms before your eyes. They shared their thoughts on customer experience, empathy and hope as we look to the future. Read on for a few lessons from some inspiring founders.


How We Use Quarkus With Kafka in Our Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture

At LogicMonitor, we deal primarily with large quantities of time series data. Our backend infrastructure processes billions of metrics, events, and configurations daily. In previous blogs, we discussed our transition from monolith to microservice. We also explained why we chose Quarkus as our microservices framework for our Java-based microservices. In this blog we will cover.

Build Docker Containers For Python Apps The Easy Way With This Simple Tech

Python apps go great with containers. Docker, Kubernetes, Cloudfoundry, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, they're all awesome places to run your containers. But getting your apps into containers is a tricky business, particularly if you have tens or hundreds of apps to manage, and maintain. Your containers have to be secure, reproducible, and easy to rebuild when vulnerabilities strike or upgrades are required.

Deploy Your Python Apps To Production In Seconds!

Getting your Python code into production is the most rewarding thing you can do. It's where users meet your apps, and where you finally get recognition for the time, energy, and skill that you've poured into your code. But without the right platform, getting Python into production can be a real pain in the proverbial. Let Ben Wilcock (@benbravo73) show you how to do it in seconds using open-source tools.

The DevOps Workflow

At the center of DevOps practices is automation and workflow - but what does that actually mean? In this episode of Dissecting DevOps, Dave and Chris talk about the ideal state of DevOps workflows, and why an iterative approach to DevOps processes is critical for the long term success of DevOps practices and principles. Dave McAllister and Chris Riley are DevOps Advocates at Splunk.