How to "leave the office" when the office is your home

Remember that movie Groundhog Day? Where Bill Murray experiences the same day over and over and over and heartwarming hilarity ensues? Working from home can feel like a lot like that (minus the heartwarming hilarity). The hours meld together because there’s no natural divider to separate work time from personal time.


How to Write a Good Bug Report? Some Tips

Bug reporting is an important and major aspect of software testing. Some teams discuss minor bugs with developers directly, while most companies make it a point to report the bugs irrespective of its severity. This way, we do not “bug” the developers too much and, the tester who finds it next will not spend duplicate efforts reporting the same bug again. If a bug is not documented, the developer fails to understand the bug or worse, reject it.


Set up Humio in AWS for real-time visibility

Last week, Onur Gurdamar, DevOps consultant and AWS cloud architect at kloia conducted demos in a workshop showcasing how Humio is an ideal visibility tool for complex AWS-based cloud environments. kloia is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and one of the only four application modernization-nominated AWS partners in the world. Based in Turkey, they provide DevOps as a service and help companies around the world transition to cloud services.


New in Grafana 7.0: Trace viewer and integrations with Jaeger and Zipkin

Moving to a scalable, distributed microservice architecture poses a great deal of challenges for any organization. It gets harder to understand the system and pinpoint where errors originate. Logs get much messier, and stitching together a coherent picture of a particular request can be time-consuming or downright impossible. Distributed tracing can help with all of that.


GrafanaCONline Day 7 recap: The past, present and future of Loki, and making dashboards that tell stories

GrafanaCONline is live! We hope you’re able to check out all of our great online sessions. If you aren’t up-to-date on the presentations, here’s what you missed on day 7 of the conference.


Roadmap to Backend Developer on Serverless Infrastructures is a quite popular Github repo providing community-driven guidelines for professionals willing to join or develop a software career. From Backend to Fullstack to DevOps. I missed some details there about Serverless environments and thought about sparking a discussion around this. Perhaps these ideas can mature and eventually become a contribution to the repository.


Tips to Make More Impactful Decisions Related to Payments Revenue, Card Portfolio Profitability and Customer Service

Welcome to the final installment of our 3-part series featuring recommendations to help financial institutions (FIs) navigate the impact of COVID-19 on their payments business. While we have previously focused on providing tips around managing the surge in online and mobile transactions, as well as how to combat the increase in card-not-present fraud, this blog will focus on how to drive payments revenue and provide an exceptional customer experience.

super monitoring

Station: A powerful smart browser for all your web applications

The internet has become an integral part of our lives. Be it work or daily chores, we can’t imagine getting through the day without it. As our reliance on internet increases day by day, a majority of applications we’re switching to have web-based interfaces. The growing popularity of smartphones and portable devices has fueled this tech revolution. Most applications that have web-based interfaces are hosted on the cloud these days.


How PTC Turns Retail Dreams Into (Augmented) Reality With Trello

If the smell of the iconic Swedish meatballs isn’t enough to draw you in, the aisles stocked with beautiful decor, furniture, and cooking ware will be. Ah, IKEA. The never-ending dreamland of all things ‘home’. What’s not so dreamy is when you buy the seemingly perfect couch or piece of furniture and to your surprise—it doesn’t fit in the space you’d planned for it.