How to monitor Lambda functions

As serverless application architectures have gained popularity, AWS Lambda has become the best-known service for running code on demand without having to manage the underlying compute instances. From an ops perspective, running code in Lambda is fundamentally different than running a traditional application. Most significantly from an observability standpoint, you cannot inspect system-level metrics from your application servers.


Key Takeaways from the CCPA Audit Webinar with Dr. Maxine Henry

Dr. Maxine Henry, one of Reciprocity’s renowned GRC experts, led a webinar on the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). This sweeping legislation creates data privacy rights for covered consumers—which means it also imposes obligations on businesses to safeguard personal information. Before implementation on January 1, 2020, Dr. Henry discusses how to prepare.

Spec 2019: Building a business on Slack

Hear from company founders who have built their businesses on Slack. From figuring out your value, to experimenting, to connecting with users—you'll learn how to create unique products that bring joy to users while fulfilling specific needs. The expert panel will show you how to pick one thing and then succeed by doing it really, really well.

CFEngine 3.10.7 LTS and 3.12.3 LTS released

We are now happy to release two new LTS versions of CFEngine, 3.10.7 LTS, and 3.12.3 LTS. This will be the last release of the CFEngine 3.10 LTS series. Standard Support of CFEngine 3.10 LTS ends end of this year. If you would like extended support, please contact us. From the CFEngine release schedule, we see that CFEngine 3.10 LTS is maintained and supported until December 28th, 2019.


Vagrant vs. Docker: Which Is Better for Software Development?

The last fifteen years have seen huge increases in developer productivity for several reasons, including the arrival of open source into the mainstream and the ability to better emulate target environments. In addition, the process of resetting a development environment back to the last known stable version has been vastly improved by Vagrant and then Docker.


NGINX vs Apache - Which Web Server Is Right for You?

Today's IT and DevOps teams have not one, but two, feature-rich open source Web servers to choose from: NGINX and Apache HTTP Server (which is often called simply "Apache"). At a high level, both platforms do the same core thing: Host and serve Web content. Both also offer comparable levels of performance and security. Yet when you dive into the details, you'll find that there are many differences between NGINX and Apache.


Meet the Doers: How Nate Plamondon Helps Prevent Fraud and Attacks at ASU

In the next installment of our Meet the Doers series, we highlight Nate Plamondon. Nate Plamondon is helping protect Arizona State University from fraud, cyberattacks and other threats on a daily basis as a Splunk architect. The Arizona native was first introduced to Splunk about four years ago while working as a systems administrator at Arizona State University, and was intrigued by its potential. When ASU had an opening for a Splunk administrator, Nate decided to give it a shot.


Use CI to Automatically Catch Dead Links in Your GitHub Project

Worried about dead links in your GitHub project? I was, after having a few pointed out to me in the Analytic Stories and detections published by the Splunk Security Research Team. So, like any sane engineer, I decided to automate this project ?! My first step was to look for an easy-to-use URL tester that processes markdown, since all of Splunk Security Research content gets automatically converted to documentation as .md.