Insider Threat Detection Software Can Help Increase Employee Productivity

A few years ago, a news story about a man who was being paid six figures to watch cat videos went viral. Unfortunately, his company didn’t realize that this is what they were paying him to do all day. How did this happen? The employee, whom we’ll refer to as “John,” worked for a company in the US and was getting paid six figures as a developer.


Give Your Story A Great Introduction With “About This Board”

Each Trello board tells a unique story. It might be a development story showcasing what a company is building. Or it could be a template for people across the world to learn how to work with the agile methodology. Maybe it’s a story about a team working towards a shared mission, or an individual's personal goals.

[User Group Session] CIO Dashboards and Mobile Alerts

Are you pressured to show simple dashboards with proactive messaging on service-outages? In this session, we show you how to create dashboards that make things visible for your manager(s) on both, screen and mobile. We are concentrating on dashboards that do not just show red, but display more detailed and proactive messaging. In an MSP situation, this will be useful to keep end users and the customer in the loop.

Ranting, Engineers, DevOps, and Serverless Observability

IOpipe co-founder and CTO Erica Windisch recently joined Cloud, SDN, and DevOps evangelist Nathan Pearce for his 50th episode of REDtalks. In this episode, Erica discusses going from the early days of OpenStack and Docker to building IOpipe with co-founder Adam Johnson to provide tracing, profiling, and alerting for developers building on serverless architectures.