CNCF Tools Series: Jaeger

Developing for the cloud is nothing new. After all, the oldest players in the league are now more than a decade old. But what we often describe as cloud development usually means: development for a particular provider. Vendor lock-in is a big problem in this field, with companies unable to change the platform even when a better alternative comes up. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is trying to change this trend.


10 Ways to Protect Your eCommerce Site From Hacking and Fraud

According to the Hacked Website Report by Sucuri, the number of websites getting compromised by hackers is increasing every year. The damage related to cybercrime is expected to hit $6 trillion by the end of 2020. If you are planning to launch an eCommerce website or already running a successful one, you must have to upgrade the security of your website regularly. Here, I am sharing some useful ways to keep your eCommerce site safe from hackers and fraudsters.

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DevOps Monitoring, Development, Security and Operations: DevSecOpsMon

In the 20th century we were programmers. In the 21st century, developers. With the massification of telecommunications worldwide, operators began to help us in our work. That’s where the term DevOps (“developers” and “operations”) arose, which implies the concept of collaboration of both teams. But since change is the only constant, other practical considerations have forced us to see the entire forest instead of just a few trees. Put on your technological jackets and join us today!


Florida City Pays $600K to Re-Gain Access to Systems After Ransomware Attack

The Florida city of Riviera Beach has agreed to pay cybercriminals who encrypted computer systems with ransomware $600,000 in order to regain access. In a unanimous vote made by the Riviera Beach City Council this week, the city announced that after consulting with hired security experts, they determined the best course of action is to pay off the hackers.


Five Ways To Accurately Measure Employee Experience Success

Even though it’s early, my discussions these first few months of the year tell me that “employee experience” is becoming one of the buzzwords of 2019. The CEOs and CTOs I’ve spoken with at companies of all types and sizes are talking about the need to provide a world-class workplace experience for their employees (and what that actually means).


How to improve AWS Lambda Cold Start performance

One of the great promises of serverless has always been that it would free developers to focus on writing code without having to give too much consideration to the underlying infrastructure. But the advantages presented by the instantly, infinitely scalable nature of serverless come with limitations and unique considerations that you need to take into account.


How AIOps Can Help Contextualize Your Data

Defined by Gartner, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platforms utilize big data, modern machine learning (ML) and other advanced analytics technologies to directly and indirectly enhance IT operations (monitoring, automation and service desk) functions with proactive, personal and dynamic insight. AIOps addresses key areas, including data collection and storage, analytical engines (real time and deep), visualization/UI, and integration with other applications.


Customer Zero: a case study

Being CISO for a security technology vendor can be an interesting position. My job combines the usual CISO responsibilities alongside daily self and industry analysis as I support our own product teams to continually improve their understanding of, and support for my industry peers. In this role, I thought it would be interesting to share a recent experience of a security threat originating from one of our enterprise software cloud service providers.


Announcing the official Elastic Homebrew tap

We’re excited to announce the release of the official Elastic Homebrew tap. Homebrew is referred to in its man page as "the missing package manager for macOS." It provides an easy and flexible way to manage the installation of software on macOS and is incredibly popular within the developer community. Core Homebrew provides formulae for installing common OSS software.


Make every day more productive with Asana

Here in San Francisco, summer is just around the corner, which for some teams can mean a slow-down in productivity. Fortunately, you can fight the seasonal slump with a bit of decluttering and organization. On this World Productivity Day, we’re sharing our top Asana tips so you can spark productivity for the season ahead—and maybe even a little more happiness on your team.

SolarWinds Lab Episode #77: Orion Maps 2.0, New Alerting, and Palo Alto Networks Monitoring

In this episode of SolarWinds Lab, the team breaks down one of our largest, multi-product feature releases to date. Between the new Orion Maps 2.0 engine, reboot of the status engine for roll ups and alert filtering, and the reveal of the #1 THWACK member-requested Network Insight for Palo Alto module for Network Performance Monitor – we know you’ll have plenty of questions.

THANK YOU | A message from the team at Slack

Thank you for supporting us along the way: From launch day in 2014 to reaching 1 million daily active users in 2015 to this momentous occasion. We couldn’t have done any of it without you: our partners, customers, dedicated developers, the dreamers and the doers. Here’s a look back at everything you’ve helped us achieve in service of making your working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive.