Thousands of Online Shops Hit by Magecart Attack

Magecart attackers have been collecting sensitive information from thousands of online stores after compromising top eCommerce platform and payment service provider Volusion. Since September 7, hackers have activated online credit card skimmers on 3,126 online shops hosted by Volusion. That's according to Trend Micro security researchers' latest report.


The Value of the Post-Sale Customer Experience in the B2B Industry

You’ve given them countless product demos. Made executive trips to their headquarters. Answered their questions on Saturday mornings. Invited their European team out to dinner. Your team put in the work and finally won the deal. Congratulations! Now, is it really on to the next one? For sales yes, but for your entire company it definitely shouldn’t be. More companies are spending additional time and resources on improving the B2B post-sale experience of their customers. Why?


Marketing Analytics: Measuring Corporate Communications with Looker

I’ve always preferred words to numbers. I’ve fallen asleep with my nose in a book since I learned to read, so a career in Corporate Communications (Corp Comm) felt like the perfect fit for me. My interests and strengths seemed pretty predictable until I found myself joining a data company where everyone—even the English majors—relied on numbers. Still, I saw myself as a marketing person at a data company.


How to Check Your Website Status With an Uptime.com Free Trial

Part of choosing a new website monitoring system should always include trying it out to make sure it’s the best solution for you. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide. We want you to understand what Uptime.com can do for you and how to test it before becoming a paying customer. Your Uptime.com free trial lasts for 21 days, and we’re here to show you how to make the most of it.


The Number One Reason Customers Churn And What You Can Do About It

It’s easy to think that the reasons for churn are out of your control: maybe the customer got a better offer from a competitor or maybe your product just wasn’t the right fit. Surprisingly, this is far from the truth. Your customers are almost five times more likely to stop buying from you because they feel you’re indifferent to them, than because they are unhappy with your product.


What is Defense in Depth?

Defense in depth is a cyber security strategy that uses a series of layered, redundant defensive measures to protect sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII) and information technology assets. If one security control fails, the next security layer thwarts the potential cyber attack. This multi-layered approach reduces the cyber threat of a particular vulnerability exploit being successful, improving the security of the system as a whole and greatly reducing cybersecurity risk.


Wire Spatial Sound

With the launch of iPhone 11 - Apple users can now enable spatial sound. To give you a bit of background, spatial sound creates a virtual surround sound feeling for conference calls. In essence, spatial sound creates the sense that you and other people on the call are located in the same room. Through your headphones, voices will feel like they are coming from different angles - creating the sounding illusion that colleagues are sitting around you.


Innovation in the BI industry is dead

Innovation in the BI industry died about 30 years ago. Sure the colors and format may be different but what’s delivered to business users is exactly the same and that's a real problem. I think this is because the industry spends more time thinking about how to make a data analyst’s life easier rather than helping business users get the most value from their data.


How our tiger team reduced SQL query latency by 300% using automation

Some development problems are too complex, some timelines too tight, and some projects too greenfield for established teams to tackle. When you need to create a new team of developers for an ambitious project, the venerable cross-functional or tiger team provides the perfect model for bringing a ragtag crew together to achieve a shared goal.