How CDP is Secure by Design

The Cloudera Data Platform is secure by design, taking all of the hard work of installing and configuring security out of your hands. Cloudera's SDX allows users to sign in using their company's single sign on provider and have easy access to the tools and data available in CDP within the security limits of the organization. Learn how CDP is built with Enterprise-Strength security in mind.

How Chatbots will be used in 2020

Chatbots in 2020 will be an interesting trend to look out for. This is primarily because research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is changing the way we use Internet. A recent article claims that 80% of the companies will use chatbots by the year 2020. Business enterprises are gradually waking up to the fact that bots can contribute to process efficiencies.


Virtualization Monitoring with OpsRamp

Hypervisor-based server virtualization is widely used in hybrid IT environments for better infrastructure utilization, improved disaster recovery, and considerable cost savings. Given the complexities involved in managing virtualized environments, IT teams need the right insights for virtual resource monitoring so that they can address performance issues quickly.


Manage Event Storms with Splunk ITSI Event Analytics

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Event Analytics is responsible for ingesting events from multiple data sources and creating and managing notable events. A “notable event” is an enriched event containing metadata to help you investigate issues in your IT environment. Event Analytics is equipped to handle “event storms," or huge numbers of events coming in at once.


Automatic for the SOC People: How Automation Can Quell Those Pesky False Positives

As a newly hired cybersecurity analyst, you’re excited to start vanquishing threats and thwarting bad guys in their tracks. You’re armed with the latest shiny security tools and raring to go – those hackers don’t stand a chance. Unfortunately, nobody told you that at least half the alerts (or more) you will address will be false alarms. Commonly termed false positives, they will bog you down for 30 minutes (if you’re fast), shamelessly wasting your time and skills.


Docker is Changing Everything: A Discussion with InterSystems' Community Manager

In this episode of our Stay Tuned with Opsani podcast, we had a chance to speak with Evgeny Shvarov about Docker. Shvarov is a Community Manager at InterSystems, a data platform company and vendor of software systems and technologies. InterSystems recently released a new product, the IRIS Data Platform, that helps in rapidly developing and deploying important applications.


Using Flux to Get IoT Sensor Metadata from MySQL

If you’ve deployed an IoT solution, you’ve had to decide where, and how, to store all your data. At least from my perspective, the best and easiest place to store the sensor data is, of course, InfluxDB. My saying that can’t come as a surprise to you. But what about the other data you need to store? The data about the sensors? Things like the sensor manufacturer, the date it was placed into service, the customer ID, what kind of platform it’s running on.

pandora fms

Alternative to Splunk: Pandora FMS as a monitoring tool

The American magazine “Fortune” specializes in global banking, business and finance… What does it have to do with monitoring? Well, in one of its annual lists, the Fortune 100 (the largest companies on the planet), 92 companies use Splunk software… If we compare by volume of money, yes, Splunk would be the best software and that’s where this article would end.