Gartner Symposium: IT Leadership During Uncertain Times

At its recent conference in Barcelona, the third in its 2019 Symposium series, Gartner analysts spoke of how companies need to win in the turns to survive and thrive in the digital era. That means looking beyond apps and cloud, to disruptive forces in the digital economy as guideposts for IT strategy.


Vulnerability Management Program Best Practices

An enterprise vulnerability management program can reach its full potential when it is built on well-established foundational goals that address the information needs of all stakeholders, when its output is tied back to the goals of the enterprise and when there is a reduction in the overall risk of the organization. Such vulnerability management technology can detect risk, but it requires a foundation of people and processes to ensure that the program is successful.


Configuring AWS GuardDuty with Lambda for Slack Notifications

At Kong, we leverage many tools to protect our services and customers. Terraform from HashiCorp allows us to automate the process with Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Another important tool is Amazon Web Services (AWS) GuardDuty, a continuous monitoring service for security threat detection in your AWS accounts.

Karthik Rau and Rick Fitz on Splunk's Strategic Acquisition of SignalFx

Karthik Rau, VP and Area GM, SignalFx and Rick Fitz, SVP & GM, IT Markets Group, Splunk sat down with John Furrier from theCUBE at .conf to discuss why Splunk’s acquisition of SignalFx has everything right: product fit, vision fit, culture fit and value fit; and how Splunk, SignalFx, Omnition and VictorOps together create a powerful Observability Platform that builds a bridge for IT Ops to cross into the future with best of breed monitoring, tracing and logging.

Birds migrate. But why do data warehouses?

Well, let’s be specific here. Birds migrate either north or south. Data warehouses are only going in one direction. Up, to the cloud. It’s a common trend we’re seeing across every vertical and across every region. Companies are moving their existing data warehouses to cloud environments like Amazon Redshift. And more often than not –unlike their feather counterparts– ­once they migrate to the cloud, they never come back. But why? Simply put, it just makes sense.


Launch: Basecamp Gets Personal

Since the beginning, Basecamp has been marketed as a project management and collaboration tool for small businesses (or small teams inside larger businesses). However, over the years we’ve also heard from thousands of people who use Basecamp outside of work. They’ve gone off-label and turned to Basecamp to help them manage all sorts of personal projects too. No surprise there – it really works!


Announcing the First Error Monitoring Solution for Salesforce Apex

We're very exited to bring all the error monitoring and debugging capabilities of Rollbar to Salesforce Apex applications. According to Salesforce, millions of developers and thousands of independent software vendors develop customized applications using Apex to extend the fuctionality of Salesforce. A few months ago, when some of our customers reached out and asked us for an error monitoring solution for their Salesforce Apex developers, our engineering team jumped on the task.


3 Things to Consider When Looking for a Secure Content Platform

Business leaders who are responsible for providing users with access to their company’s intellectual property also realize the importance of keeping it secure. They are also likely championing the advantages of digital transformation as a way to improve their own company’s operations while delivering a more secure environment for data, workloads, and users.