The Daily Telegraf: Getting Started with Telegraf and Splunk

In this blog post, we discuss using Telegraf as your core metrics collection platform with the Splunk App for Infrastructure (SAI) version 2.0, the latest version of Splunk’s infrastructure monitoring app that was recently announced at Splunk .conf19. This blog post assumes you already have some familiarity with Telegraf and Splunk. We provided steps and examples to make sense of everything along the way, and there are also links to resources for more advanced workflows and considerations.


Navigating ICS Security: Best Practices for ICS Decision-Makers

As a security consultant, I’m not going into an environment to design and build an organization’s network from the ground up in most situations. For the majority of the time, I’m working with legacy environments where some old technologies might be phasing out and newer ones joining the mix of solutions.


The Keys for Successful Continuous Testing in DevOps

In 2020, businesses continue to take on digital transformation – moving more toward cloud storage and computing as well as adopting more of a DevOps mindset. As more teams practice DevOps and build out resilient CI/CD pipelines, they’re finding out that faster software development and delivery can act as a competitive differentiator in business.


What Are Service-Level Objectives? Lessons Learned

Service Level Objectives, or SLOs, are an internal goal for the essential metrics of a service, such as uptime or response speed. We’re probably familiar with this definition, but what is the value of setting these goals? We’ll take a look at SLOs as both a powerful safety net and a tool to inform the allocation of engineering resources, while also considering the cultural learnings of SLO adoption.

api fortress

API Fortress Releases Mass Functional Test Generation for API Testing and Monitoring

New York, NY — January 20, 2020 — API Fortress, the leader in functional uptime monitoring and collaborative API testing, announces Mass Functional Test Generation. For the first time, engineers, architects, and QAs can import OpenAPI or Swagger spec files and have a large number of functional tests generated for them. The current beta release of Mass Functional Test Generation will become a generally available release on January 31, 2020.


LaaS (Language as a Service) With Duolingo

欢迎! [Huānyíng] In Mandarin, this means “welcome,” the first Chinese phrase I ever learned as a Mandarin Language Minor in college. It took me two weeks to understand the tonal variations, one week to memorize and properly execute the written stroke pattern, and another week to hone the ability to say it with confidence to my teacher (aka 老师 [Lǎoshī]).


Best Practices for Using Splunk Workload Management

Workload management is a powerful Splunk Enterprise feature that allows you to assign system resources to Splunk workloads based on business priorities. In this blog, I will describe four best practices for using workload management. If you want to refresh your knowledge about this feature or use cases that it solves, please read through our recent series of workload management blogs — part 1, part 2, and part 3.


Why Excel is an ineffective sales tracker (and what to use instead)

Many companies use Excel as their sales tracker tool. It’s one of the most popular database organization tools, so sales teams assume it’s the best software for tracking their activity. The reality is Excel isn’t an ideal sales tracker. It’s a complex software that can be a bottleneck for reps without Excel skills. More dangerously, Excel leaves room for error as a manual tool and limits analysis to hard-to-learn formulas and formatting.


Introducing Netdata's step-by-step tutorial

Health monitoring and performance troubleshooting aren’t easy. That’s exactly why we’re building Netdata, to democratize monitoring and make it accessible to anyone interested in learning more about their systems and applications. Of course, teaching a complicated topic isn’t easy either. Until recently, the only resource to help new users after installation has been our getting started guide.