Beyond Jira: The Wall of Work

Over the past few years, Optimizely grew from a single-product company built by a handful of engineers and designers to a multi-product company built by many teams. But, its development processes didn't adapt fast enough to keep up with growth. Engineers had too many dependencies in flight, designers were added too late in the process to be effective, and the highest value work wasn't properly prioritized.

Be More Productive with Confluence

Whether you're just starting out in Confluence, or working in it every day, join Sven Peters from K15t to discover the "hacks" that will maximize your productivity and make work flow more seamlessly. Transform your content and learn the keyboard shortcuts, layout tricks, automation, and customizations that will make creating beautiful spaces and pages a breeze.

John Muellerleile: An Adventure in Distributed Systems, Genetic Algorithms & Art

In this talk, I'll walk you through the three facets of my adventure: my artistic process and its deconstruction, how I applied genetic algorithms to serve as a substrate for creativity, and the underlying systems that made it possible. Along the way, I'll also share a bunch of interesting implementation details, entertaining corner cases and bugs, some higher level thoughts -- and, perhaps more importantly, questions -- about making art in this way, and, of course, some art!

What You Need to Know About California’s New Data Protection Law

Senate Bill 1121, more commonly known as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was passed on September 23, 2018, and becomes effective on January 1, 2020. Already being compared to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new law focuses on privacy rights and encompasses both consumer protection and data protection. Thus, organizations need to know how to secure and protect information to meet the CCPA’s regulatory requirements.


Why we love customer reviews at Mattermost

If you’re like most people, you consult customer reviews before choosing whether to buy something online. Reviews help us make better decisions since they provide insight into how real-world customers experience a company’s products or services. Instead of being told what a company wants you to hear, you get to hear what’s what directly from actual users. We love customer reviews at Mattermost.