Introducing Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring is currently available in private beta. Request access here. Your applications and infrastructure components rely on one another in an increasingly complex fabric, regardless of whether you run a monolithic application or microservices, and whether you deploy to cloud infrastructure, private data centers, or both.


Introducing Metrics from Logs and Log Rehydration

As your application grows in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the number of logs it generates and the cost of ingesting, processing, and analyzing them. Organizations often have little control over fluctuations in the volume of logs generated—and the resulting costs of collecting them—so they are forced to limit the number of logs generated by their applications, or to pre-filter logs before sending them to their log management platform.


Communication - The Forgotten Security Tool

Security professionals have many tools in their toolbox. Some are physical in nature. (WireShark, Mimikatz, endpoint detection and response systems and SIEMs come to mind.) Others not so much. (These assets include critical thinking faculties, the ability to analyze complex processes, a willingness—some call it a need—to dig in and find the root cause of an issue and a passion to learn and keep learning.) One such tool that’s often overlooked is, communication.

periscope data

Periscope Data by Sisense Summer Release 2019: Accelerate Your Analytics Workflow with Data Engine

Data teams are faced with the challenge of transforming raw data into analysis that is accurate and comprehensible. Ideally, the data modeling work they do will make it easy to answer crucial questions across multiple teams, and can be shared for collaboration without having to reinvent the wheel every time a new question pops up. However, the process of turning data into insights is not linear.

Kick-Starting a Culture of Observability and Data-Driven DevOps - SignalFx at Velocity 2019

Rajesh Raman, chief architect at SignalFx, dives into the practice of observability, demonstrating how a more analytics-driven approach to metrics, traces, and other monitoring signals can improve observability. Presentation from O’Reilly Velocity Conference 2019.

Microsoft Azure & Talend : 3 Real-World Architectures

We know that data is a key driver of success in today data-driven world. In fact, according to Forrester, data and insight-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than 30% annually. However, becoming a data driven organization is not easy. Companies often struggle with speed in accessing and analyzing their data, as well with ensuring delivery of trustworthy data that is free of critical errors.


Why you need to secure your AWS infrastructure and workloads?

Enterprises are increasingly adopting a cloud-first approach and migrating their workloads, data and applications to the Cloud. Amazon Web Services continues to lead the Public Cloud industry with more than 30% of the market. As digital transformation progresses and the digital space expands, so does the attack surface that exposes the ongoing proliferation of security risks. In today’s cloud-first world, security remains the primary concern.


Container Monitoring and Alerting Best Practices

With the agility of modern development practices and infrastructure comes a new set of challenges – namely, that applications consist of more parts, and the relationship between infrastructure and code is much tighter. In this post, I will discuss the monitoring and alerting considerations that IT needs to think about for modern applications running on containers.