Logging vs Monitoring: How are They Different & Why You Need Both

Logging or monitoring? If you deploy and manage an application, these are the two key techniques available to you for helping to ensure that the application meets availability and performance expectations. One of them is Application Performance Management, or APM, though you can also find it referred to as ‘Application Performance Monitoring’ or simply ‘monitoring’. The other is log analytics and management or just ‘logging’.


The Hidden Costs of AWS Data Transfer

If your business depends on AWS cloud services, you’re probably familiar with the experience of having unexpected, hidden charges crop up on your monthly invoice. At times, the AWS cost structure can be quite opaque, making it difficult to accurately gauge in advance the costs of hosting a given application. One of the most common sources of unanticipated AWS charges is the service’s data transfer fees.


Benchmarking outlier detection results in Elastic machine learning

Outlier detection aims to identify patterns in data that separate normal from abnormal data points. It has extensive applications for intrusion detection and malware identification in security analytics, fraud detection, and customer behavior analysis. In these cases, time is not necessarily an important component in your analysis.


Two Stackery Superstars Named AWS Serverless Heroes

It’s been a great couple of months at Stackery. Since coming on as CEO earlier this year, I’ve been impressed with how much our team gets done and their contributions to making the serverless development experience easier and more reliable. I want to take a moment to recognize two of our amazing Stackerinos who were recognized by AWS recently with the AWS Serverless Hero distinction.


Pod Security Policies in production with Sysdig's Kubernetes Policy Advisor

Sysdig Secure 3.0 introduces Kubernetes Policy Advisor to provide Kubernetes native prevention using Pod Security Policies (PSPs). This feature automates the generation of PSPs and validates them pre-deployment, so they don’t break applications when applied. This allows users to adopt Pod Security Policies in production environments quickly and easily.


Wire Business Update

Commencing in 2017, Wire pivoted its focus from consumers to enterprises with a goal to provide the enterprises with the world’s most secure collaboration software. Our technology is now used by over 700 enterprise customers around the world. Wire has been selected by some of the world's most security-conscious enterprise customers after passing all of their rigourous security testing.