The Path from Unstructured Logs to Observability

Are you starting out on your journey toward observability? Do you have a mandate from management, or are you a lone warrior in the matrix? From your starting point, how will you make the right decisions about how to implement changes to your logging and aim for the right path through the various choices in front of you?


Head in the Clouds: Integrating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure With VictorOps

In tandem with DevOps adoption, the use of cloud computing and infrastructure continues to grow. Teams are using public cloud, private cloud, on-premises and hybrid cloud applications and infrastructure to improve scalability and speed. In a world of CI/CD and rapid deployment, cloud infrastructure offers more transparency in releasing software and greater flexibility in production.


How to Foil the 6 Stages of a Network Intrusion

The cost of a breach is on the rise. A recent report from IBM revealed that the average cost of a data breach had risen 12 percent over the past five years to $3.92 million per incident on average. Additionally, this publication uncovered that data breaches originating from malicious digital attacks were both the most common and the most expensive types of security incidents.


Have you checked out Talend's 2019 summer release yet?

Have you had a chance to take a look at Talend’s summer 2019 product release? Our 2019 release has some exciting features that not only will help improve your productivity but will help you scale data projects across your organization. We are all about helping you do your work faster, and we think you’ll find the new features in this latest product release pretty great.


A 360 degree view of the performance, health and security of MongoDB Atlas

We're happy to announce that the MongoDB Atlas app is now available in the Sumo Logic app catalog. MongoDB Atlas is a globally distributed cloud database service and the easiest way to run MongoDB in the cloud. Atlas offers best-in-class automation, built-in security controls, and proven best practices to protect your data and scale your applications.


Serverless Heroes Down Under - Stackery Visits Australia!

Last week I was battling jet lag and this week, an inbox of unanswered emails. But I’m also marveling at the quality of the AWS community all over the world. I had the privilege of speaking at ServerlessDays Sydney the week before last, and along with the amazing conference talks, I also got to see firsthand just how much of the globe is involved in pushing forward serverless using AWS technology and how excited they were to share what they were learning.