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The best way to collaborate through recorded messages - CloudApp

In this era of globalization, sharing information has been made quiet doable for everyone. Whether it is in the form of text, an image, a video or any other visual form, thanks to the built-in features of mobile devices, like screen recording and screenshots etc, sharing information has become a cinch. In fact, most people prefer sharing information in the form of an image or a video instead of typing lengthy text messages.


Rails is Fast: Optimize Your View Performance

In this post, we’ll look into tried and true methods of improving Rails view performance. Specifically, I will focus on database efficiency, view manipulation, and caching. I think the phrase “premature optimization is the root of all evil” has been taken a little out of context. I’ve often heard developers use this during code reviews when simple optimization techniques are pointed out.


Why Enterprises should push for Container Adoption in 2020?

Enterprises that have been running their own data centers for a number of years are skeptical of the benefits associated with cloud. One of the considerations for many enterprises is to be able to build modern applications such that the dependency on a particular cloud stack is minimal, or the interfaces that are depending on the specific cloud are abstracted well.


The 6 project management skills you need to have

What does it mean to be a great project manager? It’s not about qualifications or degrees (but those are good too, of course). It’s not even about simply delivering on the classic duties and responsibilities of a project manager (although obviously that’s a pretty big part of it). Those things are important. But being a really great project manager isn’t just about tasks, timings, and technical prowess.


Why we've decided to make an ungated Rookout Sandbox

A long time ago (in April 2019), in a galaxy far far away (in Tel Aviv, Planet Earth) we launched a self-serve option. Users could now sign up to Rookout without having to contact us first. We invested significant resources in online promotion and -- just like any startup at our stage -- we hoped to soon see legions of users signing up and using the tool to fetch data directly from their code.


Real-time log aggregation with Flink Part 1

Many of us have experienced the feeling of hopelessly digging through log files on multiple servers to fix a critical production issue. We can probably all agree that this is far from ideal. Locating and searching log files is even more challenging when dealing with real-time processing applications where the debugging process itself can be extremely time-sensitive.


Regus Sales Staff Data Leaked via Third Party

Detailed information about the job performance of more than 900 Regus employees was accidentally published online after the co-working space provider conducted a review of its sales staff. Regus owner IWG commissioned the mystery shopping business, Applause, to audit its sales staff through covert filming using "spy pens" fitted with miniature cameras.

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Unified Monitoring and the Paradox of IT Culture Change

I have a coffee mug on my desk that I got from a sales manager many years ago. It’s now filled with pens (I don’t drink coffee), but I take a look at it once in a while. I was starting to think about IT transformation again and noticed a picture of my daughter and an expired AAA card (I might have been thinking AARP) as I looked at that old mug… it reminded me I’m not getting any younger. But it also reminded me of a paradox of culture change.


Scoro Highlights: 2019 in Review [Infographic]

2019 was quite the year! For Scoro, it was all about making sure we’re offering the best quality service possible. That’s why we put all our effort into rolling out many great features and tons of updates to further improve the overall Scoro experience. Our team would like to thank you for choosing Scoro and being with us on this remarkable journey. We’re grateful to have you on board!